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Why is Video Marketing So Important?

FACT: people do not read on the Internet, they scan and along with that humans process information visually, which is why we enjoy visual content a lot.

We produce video solutions to reinforce your brand or showcase your products & services from creative concept to distribution.

Other reasons to use video are:

Increases Shares

According to Effy: They showed that there was 1200% more shares with social video than with any other content.

Cater to Audiences

Google: "Consumers look for videos related to product/service before a purchase".

Brand Storytelling

Video communicates your brand story effectively.

Conversion Rates Skyrocket!

A study by Insivia shows that by integrating video on your landing page , you can improve your conversion rate by 80%.

Creates A Personal Connection

Over 26 Million South Africans spend around 3 h on social media platforms. Just imagine what video can do.

Mobile Users Love Video

Recent stats show that 80% of South Africans have access to smartphones.The increase in mobile-commerce and video consumption via smartphone means that you will get more sales if you publish and promote videos.

Showcases Your Products/Services

video is a great way to showcase your product/service.

Increases Retention Rates

Humans process information visually. An explainer video, full of key learnings, can offer a great value to your audience in a short amount of time.

Consumer Reviews

People tend to trust online reviews, most users check out the product review before making a purchase.

Choose Your Type Of Video

Explainer/Training Videos

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, your website’s home page, or a prominent product page. These videos have become extremely popular & some sites boast of conversion rates increasing by as much as 144% after including an explainer video on their website.

[In readiness for employees returning to the workplace  This video can be designed/edited specifically for your company.]

Private/Corporate Company videos

These videos are great to provide a quick overview of your company, its products & services. Watch our own company video as an example.


Whatever form the onboarding process takes, the ultimate goals are the same: to bring the new hire up-to-speed as quickly as possible and to kick-start the process of integrating them into the wider team.  Regardless of the goal, video is an efficient way to standardise knowledge and values across the or a team. 

So whether you training on a process or providing information on a product or service, videos are the way to go.

Product or Service Review

Another type of video content is the product or service review, which has been popularised by tech sites and blogs the world over.


One step up from a webinar is an event video, which covers the proceedings of a corporate/private event, usually a B2C or B2B, in a polished & highly shareable fashion.


A presentation takes the excitement of an event and combines it with the usefulness of a webinar to create a compelling and shareable narrative.

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*PLEASE NOTE: These videos other than the Private/corporate and explainer/trainer videos are merely for example purposes.

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